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Sukee's Johan Friedrich

"His Majesty"

Whelped in 1987 this 120-pound black, tan & silver male became our foundation sire. A fearless alpha male, Johan once saved me from a charging Brahma cow. He was great with the grandchildren who nearly all got to play "ride the dog" before he passed away in 1997. His sire was purchased in Germany and his dam was born in the United States of German parents. Johan is the grandfather of our current litters. His notable ancestors include:

SGR. Reza von Haus Beck, SchH3
Am. Ch.
Asslan vom Klammle, SchH3, FH
Int. Ch.
Reza von der Wienerau, SchH3
Marko von Cellarland, SchH3, FH
Ajax vom Haus Dexel, SchH3, FH
Quanto von der Wienerau, SchH3
Canto von der Wienerau, SchH2
Negus v Kirschental, SchH3, FH
Cora von Hartsfeldsen, SchH3, FH
Veit vom Konigsbruch, Schh3, FH
Bernd von Lierberg, SchH3, FH
Ulbert v Elfenbeinerene Turm, SchH3, FH
Isa von Kirschental, SchH3, HGH
   Spring 1999 Virtual Dog Show Results

 Fourth Adult of Breed, German Shepherd Dog

 Third in Herding Group, Deceased Variety
Deceased Variety Judge's Comments:
GSD... This gracious gentle soul took my breath away. His heart was much larger then his body would allow. He had lovely GSD style, and that rich deep color sadly not found too often these days. Again, his soul was great!!!!
-- Elizabeth McCarthy (Elly)
Deceased Variety Judge

  Third Cutest Picture
Cutest Picture Judge's Comments:
(Picture 3) I think this picture would make a great greeting card! Just shows how sweet the GSD can really be!
-- Fran Hill / Jason Huff

"You think dogs will not be in heaven? I tell you, they will be there long before any of us."
Robert Louis Stevenson

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Sonya von Morgan Noblecroft

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