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Growth & development; coats & colors


 "Brand new babies"

(photo taken during the birth of Sonya's first litter)

Most German Shepherd puppies are born looking like little black rats, even those who turn out
like Sonya above.

 "More milk!"

puppies at age 3 weeks

 age 4 weeks

The puppy on the left is retaining a black blanket with silver and tan points (like Johan). The puppy on the right will be mostly tan with a little silver and a black saddle (like Sonya, Elka or Malcolm). Both will keep their black muzzles.

 6-week-old pup with Valerie

a standard coat



at age 8 weeks

This puppy has a standard coat referring to its length. (He also retained his black blanket with silver points.)
(Johan had a standard coat with a black blanket. Sonya, Elka & Malcolm are tan with black saddles.)

  a coat, i.e. long hair

(age 8 weeks)

Although the types known as coats do not fit the standard, they are very well though of for their intelligence and extremely easy trainability. Many are used in search & rescue and aides to the handicapped. We think they are wonderful.  Worf is a coat.

 ."Foiled by the fence"

This 5-month-old pup will look almost identical to Malcolm
(although he is Worf's pup).

If you have a dog -- any dog -- please, please protect him and others by utilizing
adequate fencing!!

"Good fences make good neighbors"
Robert Frost


A year in the life of a puppy (black & tan with black saddle and standard coat)
To reserve your puppy or contact us

"My little dog -- a heartbeat at my feet."
-- Edith Wharton