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Morganhaus German Shepherds


Johan & "his" baby, Sarah.

Located on a farm in the Arkansas River Valley, Morganhaus German Shepherds is strictly a family project. Beginning in 1987 with Johan (above) we maintain only two breeding pairs of German Shepherds and produce only one to two litters a year. Although the dogs are highly pedigreed, they are our family pets and we are hardly ever without one or two of them. Their lines are largely West German and include several Siegers. And there are English, Canadian & American Champions & Register of Merit dogs in their pedigrees. Many of those dogs have achieved various performance titles as Schutzhund I, II & III, Companion Dogs, Tracking Dogs, etc..

Puppies adopted from us have become family pets & protectors, breeding dogs, search & rescue dogs and K-9 dogs for police work. As we have LOTS of grandchildren, we have carefully selected our breeding dogs for stable, people-oriented, easily-trainable personalities first and foremost. These same dogs are also quite capable of defending us, if necessary. Therefore, we are very pleased to introduce you to the

Morganhaus German Shepherd Dogs 

Sukee's Johan Friedrich (foundation sire)
(More Johan Photos)
(Johan: Portraits in Black & White
(Johan: a Vignette)
Sonya Morgan von Noblecroft
Johan's Worf von Morganhaus
Elka Morganhaus v Mistyridge

Johan's Malcolm von Morganhaus

(Click on the names above for photos and ancestors.
Italic typeface indicates the names the dogs are called. )
We are sooooooo sorry! All of our dogs have retired. Please enjoy the website anyway; it holds many happy memories for us. Thanks. Linda Morgan

Gallery/Photo Essays:
Fun in the Snow with Worf, Elka, Malcolm, Sonya & Trudi
Winter Wonderland at the Farm
We Might As Well Be Kin (Morganhaus puppies' adopted families)



 Worf Goes Camping
(View from Hwy. 7 in Ozark Mountains)

Virtual Dog Show Results



1. Johan was posthumously awarded 3rd in Herding Group, Deceased.
  2. Johan was also awarded 4th Adult of Breed, German Shepherd Dog.
3. Malcolm was awarded 5th Adult of Breed, German Shepherd Dog.
  4. The photo at the top of this page," Johan and 'his' baby, Sarah",
was award 3rd Cutest Picture.

See judges' comments & photos re Johan's Awards at 
"Sukee's Johan Friedrich, (foundation sire)" above.
See judge's comment & photos re Malcolm's Award at 
"Johan's Malcolm von Morghanhous" above.
(posted June 6 & June 11, 1999)

Look how we've grown!
Morganhaus puppies at their new homes
as they grow up.

 More Photo Essays:
Puppy growth & development, coats & colors
(a black & tan with black blanket & standard coat)
From puppy hood to motherhood
(a black & tan with black saddle & standard coat)
More puppy photos


Terms & abbreviations
used in genealogies & pedigrees

Hear puppy
nurse his bottle.
Sept. 10, 2000

  It's Bath Time!

(Sept., 2000)

(This will take a couple of minutes to load,
but it is soooooo cute.)

To contact us or reserve your puppy

$100.00 deposit
will hold your puppy until it is available for adoption.

Prices: $450.00-650.00

Please copy above address to your
"Favorites" or "Bookmarks".

Shipping & Handling

 No matter how little money and how few possessions you own, having a dog makes you rich."
Louis Sabin

Thank you so much for visiting. We hope you enjoy our web site.
Linda & Lee Morgan
Friends of Morganhaus:

 Most Excellent Computer Guru:  Systems 34

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Religious, fantasy, southwest, wildlife,
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Custom work available. Please send both front and side view photos of your GSD.

German Shepherd Dog - $25.00

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